Sizing Guide



Buying rings online for yourself or as a gift can be daunting because of the worry that it might not fit.  At Kara Jewellery I take the worry out of the process. If the ring doesn’t fit then send it back and I’ll hand craft and send you another one. 

Halfway through carving the tree bark textured into blue Ferris Wax to make a ring for a customer.  The wax will then be cast in sterling silver or gold and hallmarked with the Kara Jewellery Sponsors Mark

I like to get it right first time so there are various ways to find out your ring size:

  1. Pop into a friendly jeweller and ask them to measure the finger you want to wear the ring on. The size of your ring depends on the width of the band so if it's narrow you'll need a smaller size than if it's wide.  Therefore after you've discussed with me the design of the ring please mention to them the width of the band and they can take it into consideration when measuring you.  Fingers can change size depending on the weather and time of day so please be aware of this before ordering!
  2. Measure the diameter and inside circumference of a ring that already fits and check the chart  UK Ring Size Chart or send me the diameter.  It would be better to measure North/South and East/West in case the ring is well worn and slightly misshapen.
  3. Email me with your address at and I’ll send you a plastic ring sizer to measure your finger.
  4. If you are commissioning a ring then I'll carve a couple to the size and shape you've ordered and then send them in the wax with some sandpaper to you.  The wax ring should fit comfortably on your finger as it will shrink slightly in the casting process.  If it is too tight then sand it down and make sure you are happy with the fit and send it back for Charlotte to cast.


The easiest way to measure your wrist is to take a flexible tape measure and measure your wrist. If you hold the measure tight on your wrist and then loosen it to the length which feels comfy.  Another way is to take a piece of paper and wrap it round your wrist so it feels comfy.  If you ask someone to mark where it overlaps and then measure it with a ruler to get the correct size. 


To measure whether a bangle will fit, make a fist and measure the widest part of your fist and check it against the measurement on the bangle. Bangles are often hard to buy without trying on as they can fit over the hand but be too large for the wrist.  It's always better if possible, to try it on before you buy.  

If you aren't sure on sizing then please give me a ring on 07973955994 and I'm very happy to help guide you through the process.


Woodland rings with the texture and feel of tree bark and semi precious stone.  The narrow bands have either a small sapphire or turquoise cabochon and the wide band has a malachite stone.


If you've any questions then I'd love to hear from you or if you would like to come and visit then please send me a message with your details and I'll get in touch to arrange an appointment