Instructions - wax rings

How to alter the wax model of your ring when you receive them?

After you've ordered your ring I'll carve two or three in wax and send them to you with some sandpaper to try on.  This might seem weird but please don't worry.  I've been doing this for years and very few rings don't have a perfect fit.


I've put together this video which explains what to do when you receive the wax rings from me.

Handcarved wax model of rings with Kara Jewellery's signature tree bark texture

  If you are still unsure then please give me a call.  It is easier to make changes to the ring in wax then after it has been cast.

The main thing to remember is the ring will shrink by 10% in the casting process so please watch the video carefully to see how the ring should fit. 



I'm always on the end of the phone or we could do a WhatsApp video call if you are unsure.


If you've any questions then I'd love to hear from you or if you would like to come and visit then please send me a message with your details and I'll get in touch to arrange an appointment