Meet the Maker | Charlotte Tabor

Hello and welcome to Kara Jewellery, designed and crafted by me, Charlotte Tabor. 

Having always had an interest in handcrafted jewellery I started learning to make jewellery with lessons at a local Adult Education Centre in Tunbridge Wells, Kent when my youngest son started school. From there, my passion for making took me to London, to the London Jewellery School where I completed a year's course learning various interesting techniques. 

Once I had finished my course, I began work on Kara Jewellery and making my dreams a reality by creating beautifully hand-crafted, bespoke pieces based on the love of the countryside

I currently live and work in Kent, the Garden of England, with my husband and two dogs.  Willow, a huskador (Husky Labrador cross) and Jet, a rescue lurcher.  If you come to visit you will be sure to meet them in their favourite place- my workshop. 

Walking my dogs is a constant source of inspiration and helps to keep me grounded, always exploring and taking note of the season changes.  Nature constantly paints us a new picture to enjoy from the vibrant autumn red leaf colours, the frosty spiderwebs early in the morning through to new buds opening in Spring.  There is always something new to witness and enjoy.

Often asked why Kara Jewellery is named so- it came from the name of my best friend growing up, Kara. Kara- the cheeky, naughty, but oh so loving, golden retriever.  Constantly at my side, I could think of no better way to pay tribute to my most treasured and trusted childhood friend.

Thank you for visiting my website and I do hope a piece catches your eye and your heart.