Meet the Maker | Charlotte Tabor

Kent Jewellery Designer and maker Charlotte Tabor with her husband and two dogs enjoying a walk in Kent

Hello!  I'm Charlotte and have been making jewellery for over 15 years.  

My journey into jewellery making wasn't planned.  I'd  always had an interest and love for individual handcrafted items instead of mass produced and when my youngest of 3 children was around 4, I desperately needed to do something which was just for me.

I enrolled on a silver jewellery making course at the local Adult Education Centre.  A new world opened up and I loved everthing about it - the smell of the workshop, all the tools, the design process, the people I met.  After a couple of lessons I had a beautiful, simple, hammered bangle to wear which I had made myself.  I was hooked. 

From there, my passion for jewellery making took me to London, to the London Jewellery School and an idea formed that I could turn this into a profitable business and Kara Jewellery by Charlotte was created.

I soon learnt that that my love for nature's beauty would be the inspiration for my creations and every piece of jewellery I made and sold would be special. Each piece tells a story and knowing that every piece will bring happiness to its wearer  is something I am very proud of.


Why Kara Jewellery?

Kara the golden retriever pictured with creator Charlotte aged 3

The name came from my best friend growing up, Kara.

Kara - the cheeky, naughty, but oh so loving, golden retriever.  We were always getting in trouble!  Constantly at my side, I could think of no better way to pay tribute to my most treasured and trusted childhood friend.  Plus I always wished my parents had called me Kara instead of Charlotte!





Now you know a bit about me please enjoy browsing the rest of my website.  I hope you find something to splash out on and enjoy wearing for years to come.



If you've any questions then I'd love to hear from you or if you would like to come and visit then please send me a message with your details and I'll get in touch to arrange an appointment