Kara Jewellery’s creations are created for people who love to wear luxurious handcrafted jewellery which is both practical and gorgeous to look at.  The jewellery is simple and elegant and its unique tree bark texture brings the jewellery alive. It can be worn with any outfit, any place and at any time.  Wear it on a dog walk or in the office or on a glamourous night out.  The handcrafted jewellery will soon become that treasured item that you wear day in, day out and doesn’t get put back in the box.


The ancient trees and woodlands of Kent’s heritage are the inspiration for the unique pattern found in Kara Jewellery’s creations.  The intrigue and fascination of the way in which tree bark creates its own organic patterns is the catalyst for the Woodland Collection and we have recreated this fascinating texture in sterling silver and gold.  The pieces are extremely tactile and their high shine has the added intrigue of reflecting nearby colours.

Unique silver jewelry by Kara Jewllery
Unique silver jewelry by Kara Jewllery