Sterling silver, textured men's ring on a log with moss

Embrace imperfections!

Have you every walked into a shop and felt very uncomfortable?  This has happened to me on many occasions.  Walking into a boutique or a gallery and been made to feel unwelcome because they didn't feel I was their sort of client. It didn't leave me wanting to go back there.  And so, I am determined that no one will every feel that way when they come across Kara Jewellery by Charlotte.  I want everyone to feel welcomed and if you like my style then I can make something special just for you.  My jewellery is designed for any age, any sex, any size, any budget. If you like my designs then I can help you.

Oxidised sterling silver bangle by Kara Jewellery on a log with a black background.

Every piece you see on my website is patiently and lovingly handcrafted by me and some carefully chosen, small businesses who I know have the skills to do the bits I can’t for example the casting.  But please understand that handmade goods are never ‘perfect’ in the way assembly-line products are. No two pieces will ever be exactly alike – you will find that every piece varies subtly in terms of colour, texture, stone shape, texture polish and metal finish. I could sit for hours sanding a piece to be perfect and make it look like it was made in a factory but that isn't me. My life is busy with other things I want to do so there will be small imperfections which I feel gives my pieces more character.

These ‘imperfections’ are not flaws but rather imperfections that make each piece unique and beautiful. I like to think that my pieces have a story to tell. They are time capsules that not only store a rich legacy of of my life’s journey but also carry within them a certain kind of intent, thought and feeling. Each time I wear a piece and run my fingers over the texture I’m instantly calmed and transported back to my happy place amongst nature.

Kent jeweller, Charlotte Tabor from Kara Jewellery wearing glasses and a leather and silver necklaceOn my Kara Jewellery journey I have struggled with depression and spent many a time dwelling on my imperfections. It's not a great to place to live your life in and it has taken me a long time to start to accept these as a part of who I am. I don't like being over weight. I don't like my teeth or my crooked smile but these are me. I remember saying to my daughter that I didn't like a photo of me and she just said that all she did was take a photo of what's in front of her camera. Harsh but very true and it made me think. It's in my hands to change them if I want to but I wonder if underneath I actually like being that way I am. I've lived being this way for so long, maybe I'm scared to change!! Who knows, maybe in a few years time I'll be a size 0, straight white teeth and a beautiful, fake smile!!!

I digress so back to my jewellery.

Handmade sterling silver pendant inspired by nature Kara Jewellery by CharlotteEarly on in my Kara Jewellery journey I spent the day carving my first bangle. I tried 3 times as each time I was sanding out every mark on the inside of the wax it snapped and I didn't then have the skills to stick it back together again. I wasn't in a very good mood at the end of the day as I had nothing to show for a day's work. In the end I took one of the broken pieces, sanded it down, drilled a hole through it and sent it for casting. It is now still one of best sellers and my go to piece to wear.

Through not touching up my photos I hope you will be able to see the honesty and feel of my handmade jewellery and will be delighted when they arrive in the post for you to wear, love their little imperfections and treasure forever.

Love Nature … Love Imperfections … Love Kara Jewellery


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