Tree Bark rings in a wooden box by Kara Jewellery by Charlotte

From bench to box – the journey of commissioning a tree bark inspired ring from me!

If you are one of those who would like one of my tree bark rings but are concerned about ordering the right size or commissioning a ring unique ring just for them, because in the past when you've done this the size hasn't been right, then there is no need to worry.  When you commission a ring from me, I'm here to help guide you through every step of the process. 
Collection of different woodland rings by Kara Jewellery with tree bark texture

If you live nearby then I'll take your measurement using my ring sizer, but if you aren't then don't worry I can talk you through this over a WhatsApp video call or on the telephone.  The ring I make for you will be a one off so I like to get to know my clients and talk them through the different styles you could have including the width, whether you'd like it thinner under your finger to make it comfier, would you like the texture all the way round or just part of the way, which metal, oxidised or polished?  There are so many options to personalise it just for you.

Once we've decided exactly what you would like then I'll carve a couple of rings for you in a specialist jeweller's wax.  This is how I get the deep texture into my work.  If you are local then you can come and try it on to check the fit and the feel of it on your finger.  If not then I post them to you with some sandpaper so you can make the alterations yourself to guarantee the correct size when its cast into precious metals.  As it is wax it is easy to do!  The wax ring needs to be a good fit without them being lose and falling off when you shake your hand or too tight where you have to pull hard to get it off.  You can always video call me on WhatsApp and show me how it looks if you aren't sure of the size before sending it back to be cast.

Once I receive the ring back it goes to specialists in London who will cast the ring for me.  The rings do shrink by about 10% but by the time I sand the metal on the inside to get rid of the sprue and polish it, the ring should be a perfect fit.  I have very few come back because they are the wrong size but if it does need an adjustment then it is easy to do.

I've created a video to help walk you through what to do when you receive a wax of your ring. 


 Kara Jewellery commissioning a tree bark ring

I hope this has put your mind at rest and feel free to get in touch if you'd like to commission a ring! 








Click here for a quick video showing the process for carving a ring.





Click here for a quick video showing the process for carving a ring.


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