Thank you!

Thank you for buying handmade

We live a in a world owned by the the big businesses of multinational enterprises who manufacture wherever is cheapest and delivering an ever-growing choice at an ever-cheaper price direct to your door with little thought of their effect on the world or the people who make it.

It really means something to say you bought from a small, independent business which makes every piece with a lot of thought, love, care and attention to detail.

At Kara Jewellery, Charlotte designs and makes the pieces herself.  She uses a small professional company in London to cast her pieces. She recycles as much of the precious metals as she can to make new creations.  Charlotte's mission is to make unique, wearable jewellery which can be treasured and passed down the generations - not something which is worn a couple of times and thrown away.

As a thank you for your support all orders within the UK will include free postage and packaging and will be sent by Royal Mail Special Delivery.