Charlotte Tabor, jewellery designer and maker living in Kent.  Specialises in recreating the texture of tree bark in her jewellery.

Charlotte is the designer/maker behind  Kara Jewellery. Having always had an interest in handcrafted jewellery she started learning to make jewellery with lessons at her local Adult Education Centre in Tunbridge Wells when her youngest son started school.  Her passion took her to London to the London Jewellery School where she did a year's course learning different techniques.   At the end of the course she set up Kara Jewellery and she's fulfilling her dream of making pieces for customers to enjoy and love based on her love of the countryside and exhibiting at some of the countries top fairs. 

Charlotte lives in the Garden of England, Kent with her husband and two dogs.  Willow a huskador (cross between a husky and a labrador) and Jet a rescue lurcher.  They both are her shadows and keep her company whilst she's working in the workshop. 

Walking the dogs is a constant source of inspiration and helps keep her grounded.  Nature constantly paints us a new picture to enjoy from the vibrant autumn red leaf colours, the frosty spiderwebs early in the morning through to new buds opening in Spring.  There is always something new to witness and enjoy.

Charlotte's often asked why she called her business Kara Jewellery.  Kara was the name of her best friend when she was growing up - a cheeky, naughty golden retriever.  She was constantly at her side and they were always getting into all sorts of trouble together.  Kara was her best friend for many years and was loved and treasured so she decided to name her business after her childhood reliable best friend.


Willow, labrador/husky cross enjoying views of Scotland