Care Guide

Silver Jewellery

Sterling silver is fabulous to work with and looks stunning to wear but it does need some tender loving care if you want to keep the high polish which it leaves Kara Jewellery with.  Sterling silver tarnishes when exposed to air and becomes very dull when it comes into regular contact with chemicals. 

To keep your original piece of jewellery looking stunning we suggest you adopt the following steps for looking after your jewellery:

  • Store the jewellery in the discretely branded box when not wearing it so it's not open to the air and won't tarnish.
  • Don’t wear the jewellery whilst  having a bath/taking a shower, applying make up, sun tan cream or body cream, perfume or hairspray.  It’s a good habit to get into to put your jewellery on last after getting ready.
  • Don’t go swimming with your jewellery on as the chlorine will dull the finish.
  • A build up of dirt can be removed using warm water, washing-up liquid and a very soft toothbrush.
  • If you need to polish the jewellery, then give it a rub with a silver jewellery cloth which are readily available online or in the High Street and are already impregnated with suitable chemicals to bring the shine back or for more heavily tarnished silver I'd recommend Town Talk Anti-tarnish Silver Foam .
  • Do not use silver dip as this will damage the jewellery

For a small charge you can send your piece back to us and we'll repolish it so it's looking new.


The bronze will change colour and deepen in time but if you would like to clean it then I recommend using Town Talk Anti-Tarnish Brass & Copper Polish.

Gold Plated Salt and Pepper Pinch Pots

The salt and pepper pinch will need looking after.  Please do not leave the salt in them when they are not being used as the salt will corrode the silver.  After use, empty the salt and was the dish and spoon gently in warm soapy water using a soft cloth which will not scratch the surface.  Dry using a soft cloth and store in their box.  

If the silver needs cleaning then I recommend using the products from Town Talk Polish or send the item back to Kara Jewellery by Royal Mail, Special Delivery for it to be repolished.