IJL 2014 – Day 3 - Exciting New Young Talent from Kent

IJL 2014 – Day 3 - Exciting New Young Talent from Kent

  03 Sep, 2014

  Exhibitions, Inspiration

Meeting and hearing inspirational people who are very successful in their particular business was all part of the incredible experience of IJL 2014, but meeting other new designers was an honour as in the UK we have some exceptional talented jewellery designers.

The jewellery on show in the Design Gallery was of a very high standard. The great news was that every designer’s jewellery was different and so there was something for everyone.  Kara Jewellery’s pieces are based on inspiration from the Woodlands of Kent and are simple and could be anyone’s reliable best friend as they look stunning whatever you wear so you won’t have to think “What would look good with this?” first thing in the morning! Other designers had jewellery, which was more delicate or used other materials.

Amongst all the stands in the Design Gallery, I was thrilled to have a young designer next to me who was from Tonbridge, Kent, just down the road from us.  He has an incredible talent for design and I feel very privileged to have met him so early in what, I’m sure, will be a very triumphant career in the luxury, fine jewellery market - Greg Silverman from Ptarmigan Exchange.

Ptarmigan Exchange creates the highest quality, most perfect luxury jewellery I have seen in a long time.  Their Creative Director, Greg, has a passion for gems, which he gained after a trip to India, and incorporates these high quality drops of colour in a very clever and unique way to produce the most beautiful fine jewellery, which attracts attention because of its beauty and uniqueness.

His passion in gems comes across in his jewellery and the attention to detail, with little, delicate touches makes them sparkle and speak to you. He is an amazing new designer with very creative ideas and has the ability to take information about a person and designs a piece of luxury jewellery, which captures their character in a beautiful and delicate way.

Another young designer who grew up in Meopham, Kent was in the next stand - Rebecca Onyett from REO Jewels. Rebecca’s fascination with wildlife is the inspiration for her quirky and beautiful jewellery. She captures and preserves the inquisitiveness nature of her childhood by turning parts of animals which have died in the countryside, into items of beauty. If I hadn’t seen the items I wouldn’t have thought this possible but her items are fabulous and she is a very exciting new talent.  She is a very unique person who as a self taught taxidermist has taken her hobby as inspiration for her stunning collections.

I wish Greg and Rebecca every success with their beautiful, stunning jewellery.