IJL 2014 Day 2 - Jesper Nielsen - Legend of Pandora, Europe

IJL 2014 Day 2 - Jesper Nielsen - Legend of Pandora, Europe

  01 Sep, 2014

  Exhibitions, Inspiration

Day 2 at the IJL and I had the chance to listen to a seminar in the Inspiration Theatre from the very funny and engaging, Jesper Nielsen. Jesper was the driving force behind the European Pandora distributorship which he sold a couple of years ago for $270m.  He took the brand from one very few people had heard about, into one of the most iconic brands I have seen, not just here in the UK but all over Europe.  Standing at the school gates, Pandora bracelets are worn by the majority of Mums and everyone is unique and adored by the person wearing them. 

The theatre was packed as so many like-minded people wanted to hear what he had to say and to take away with them a  small nugget of his wisdom which they could use to enhance their business.  He was nothing like the person I expected behind such a huge, successful brand.  He was very approachable, laid back and funny and the more he talked, the more you can see why he has been and still is the name everyone is talking about.   He wants to be the best and nothing less will do.

He was at the IJL this year because when he sold his stake in Pandora after a couple of years ago, he had to take a break but he's now back with a new venture which he is determined will be bigger and better than Pandora - Endless He intends that they will be the most recognised jewellery company in the world and I’m sure soon we’ll see everyone wearing their bracelets made from leather with charms.  If you haven’t come across the brand yet I’m sure you soon will. I have to admit I wasn't a fan of Pandora but having seen the Endless Ranges - I want one!

It was an honour and pleasure to hear Jesper Nielsen speak and I’m looking forward to reading his new book Inside Pandora.  Unfortunately I was too late in getting my edition signed.

Listening to Jesper was just one of the highlights today, but there were many others:

  • catching up with my tutor from LJS, Hayley Kruger.

  • meeting Claire Weldon from  The Jewellery Box Company  who gave valuable tips on exporting and gave me some personal advice after stopping by my stand, P100.

  • receiving this quote from Jilly Pollard who has been in the industry for 72 years. "Kara Jewellery was a shining example of co-ordinated marketing - the jewellery and the unusual tree display caught the eye and stopped me, even in the forest of stands at Olympia."

  • To a brief appearance in the IJL 2014 Day 2 Highlights 

What a day – wonder what tomorrow will bring?