Give A Christmas Gift Made With Love - Handmade Silver Jewellery

Give A Christmas Gift Made With Love - Handmade Silver Jewellery

  19 Nov, 2014

  Behind the Scenes

Only 35 days until that very special day when I can tear off the Christmas paper from all those beautifully wrapped presents under the Christmas tree which, I know from past experience, I will have been secretly feeling, trying to guess what’s inside them. 

The two things I adore about Christmas is:

  • Spending hours searching for inspiration for unusual presents that I hope everyone will go “wow” because they are different, original and unexpected. Last year with several nieces and nephews who have flown the nest, it was homemade flavoured vodka!  Think the toffee vodka one was the favourite!


  • Searching the internet and looking through cookbooks for unusual Christmas recipes so I can make all the treats instead of buying them in the supermarkets.  It gives me a buzz to know I’ve made it for everyone to enjoy, although they get eaten much quicker than it took to make them. 

For me, the joy of Christmas is about the giving, much more than the receiving.  I drive my family mad when they ask me what I would like, as my answer is always the same.  For the easy option I’d like a bottle of gin, some bubble bath and a good book but what I enjoy more than anything else is something they’ve made; something that they’ve taken the time and love, to research, design and create - just for me.  Unfortunately, time is something we just don’t seem to have much of these days and so it’s much easier to buy something from the shops or over the internet.

That’s why if you haven’t the time to make something yourself then I feel that giving a present which someone else has spent hours lovingly makes a perfect, thoughtful gift.  A piece of handmade sterling silver jewellery into which a huge amount of thought, love and attention have been put into creating it is the next best Christmas gift.  The care and attention to detail every jewellery designer lavishes on their jewellery is there for everyone to see – each piece is unique and of the highest quality.

This love, care and attention cannot be found in mass produced jewellery as the production line makes identical items in extremely large volume on a continuous basis. It is usually done on an assembly line by labourers who often use specialized machinery and have low skill levels.

So if you want to give that someone special this Christmas, a gift they will love and cherish, then look no further - a delightful ring, pendant, cufflinks, etc all  handmade in a small studio in the garden by Kara Jewellery will show them how special they are.

I wouldn’t want you to be disappointed and not receive them in time for Christmas so please order them before 7 December so I have time to make them, have them hallmarked and sent to you via Royal Mail, special delivery in time for Christmas.

I wish you a very Merry Christmas and hope you wake up to something to treasure under the Christmas tree.