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I’m Charlotte and I’m the face behind Kara Jewellery. I live in a quaint village in the Garden of England called Yalding with my husband, 3 children and 2 dogs, Willow and Jet.  Willow is a lovable huskador - a cross between a husky and a labrador and Jet a rescue lurcher.  They both are my shadows and keep me company whilst I'm working in the workshop/shed .

My love for nature and the countryside started as a child as I’ve spent most of my life living surrounded by the beautiful English countryside in Cheshire and Kent, apart from a short spell at Newcastle University and working in London.  Having been a keen horse rider in my younger days, I have always been in love with nature’s beauty and the stunning changing seasons we experience in the UK.  Nature constantly paints us a new picture to enjoy from the vibrant autumn red leaf colours, the frosty spiderwebs early in the morning through to new buds opening in Spring.  There is always something new to witness and enjoy.

I'm often asked why my business is called Kara Jewellery.  Kara was the name of my best friend when I was growing up - a cheeky, naughty golden retriever.  She was constantly at my side and we were always getting into all sorts of trouble together.  At the time I hated my name and wished my parents had called me Kara and the puppy something else so I decided to name my business after my childhood reliable best friend.



Kara and me!

Kara and me!



Thank you for looking at my website and I’d love to see you at my studio in Yalding, Kent or come and visit my stand at one of the fairs.

“Nature displays incredible diversity in all her glory. There are fat trees and skinny ones, short ones and tall ones. Within a single clump of yellow flowers, you might see a pink one and realize that it's a mutation. In nature, we don't say “That flower is different; that tree is fat!’ Instead, we say, 'How beautiful!’

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